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BlueWave Blog
Title:Public WiFi Hotspots
More Than an Access Point

BlueWave Blog
Title:Public WiFi Hotspots
More Than an Access Point

For businesses or venues trying to offer a service to their customers, it is no longer enough to just put up a WiFi Access Point with an access code.
Your customers will soon gobble up your bandwidth and start complaining.
You will have little or no control over who uses it and if someone does something bad, you might be left with proving it was not you, but a customer using your public WiFi.
Customers will come to your venue and expect to be able to read their emails, surf web sites, post to Facebook and Twitter, make voice and video calls, Go Live, call home or the office, the list is endless.
With low cost, high speed Internet becoming the norm, all this is not just possible but if not provided will leave customers disappointed and more likely to try your competitors.
Customers will always find restricted access, poor signal, low bandwidth and high charges a frustrating experience.

What is offered on the market?
Some Hotspot Providers will try to convince you that you must invest in a system with time limits, draconian restrictions of use, unavailable web sites, filtered protocols, detailed “big brother” monitoring of everything your customers do and of course, high ongoing running costs.

Little, if any, of this is necessary for a business to provide a free, quality, WiFi service for their customers.

The essential questions we asked were:

For a while we thought about it and researched the problem.
Sure, there is the odd “Hotspot” function to be found on some routers, there are frustratingly expensive "pay as you go" systems, systems controlled and hosted by third parties and others that frankly, just do not do the job at all well.
Many are expensive with high ongoing costs.
None of them "JUST DO IT"

Until now, that is.
As a result of our failed hunt for a product to recommend we ended up designing and building our own.

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