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GL-iNET GL-MT300N-V2 BlueWave MeshNode Firmware
Model: GL-iNet GL-MT300N-V2
Price: £25.00
Type: MeshNode Firmware

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GL-iNET GL-MT300N-V2 BlueWave MeshNode Firmware
Model: GL-iNet GL-MT300N-V2
Price: £25.00
Type: MeshNode Firmware
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BlueWave GL-MT300N-V2 MeshNode Firmware Licence

This is our Single Licence, Firmware ONLY product for the GL-iNet GL-MT300N-V2 series mini routers to build your own site wide or Whole Home autonomous Wireless Mesh Network (Hardware NOT included).

Purchase a firmware licence to install on your own GL-MT300N-V2.

Designed as a simple, low cost, plug and play node, specifically for building your own site wide autonomous Wireless Mesh Network.

Perfect for building a Business or Whole Home Mesh Network. The MeshNode is small and rugged with very low power consumption.

The Mesh Network dynamically configures itself as a virtual ethernet switch and can be used to provide Ethernet over Wireless connections for any devices with an ethernet interface whilst the built in WiFi Access Point can be used by any WiFi enabled devices.

Add MeshNodes to increase coverage, simply by putting in place and powering up.

Custom WiFi names and access codes can be administered securely, simply and easily from an administrator's mobile, tablet or laptop connected to the Mesh using the network's own distributed user interface.

Full, built in compatibility with our WiFi Hotspot Gateways enables whole venue coverage in the most cost effective way.

Supports Plug and Play Ethernet over Wireless connections to our WiFi Hotspot Gateways and other MeshNodes.

The BlueWave MeshNode will also work seamlessly with any other gateway system with a single available ethernet port, ranging from the simple home ADSL router to the most sophisticated business system.

With its powerful high speed processor, 128MB RAM and built in Antennas, the performance of each GL-MT300N-V2 based MeshNode is anything but budget.

The simple download and re-flash procedure makes installation simple and easy, and with our Setup Wizard you can have your own customised Mesh Network running in minutes.

Perfect for providing free public WiFi access coverage in coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, shops, hotels - any small venue.

Designed using high quality IoT technology, the range of BlueWave MeshNodes build a fully functional Autonomous Wireless Mesh Network for both Business Venues and the Home, at an astoundingly low cost.

Works with all smart phones, tablets, laptops and even desktop devices.
Smart Queue Management and Bandwidth Control ensure available bandwidth is fairly distributed between all users.

Single Device Licence
Bandwidth Control for optimized fair usage.
Rapid Autonomous Assimilation into the Mesh.

Trade prices available for qualifying purchasers.


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