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Shadow Lite Public WiFi Hotspot
Model: Shadow Lite
Price: £66.50
Type: Captive Portal

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Shadow Lite Public WiFi Hotspot
Model: Shadow Lite
Price: £66.50
Type: Captive Portal
EAN: 0660042988829
Delivery: Free to UK Postcodes

The BlueWave Shadow Lite

Send your customers your own marketing and information messages delivered unobtrusively yet persistently by email, in return for free high performance WiFi.

All for an incredibly low one off price, with zero ongoing costs and zero subscriptions.

This is a full function, no compromise yet budget priced WiFi Hotspot Gateway starter system.

With a powerful high speed processor, 128MB RAM and built in Antennas, it's performance is anything but budget.

Supporting up to 200 simultaneous users it is squarely aimed at providing the highest performance for the lowest price for smaller venues like coffee shops, restaurants, bars etc.

The Shadow Lite's high power built in WiFi radio gives great coverage with its own radio.
The built in BlueWave Meshnode functionality allows plug and play mesh network extension.

Designed as an addon to your existing broadband router and powered from that router's USB port or any USB Smartphone charger (not included).

Secure Cloud storage with heavy duty encryption is included, allowing fast remote sync of user accounts.
In addition, any USB memory device can be used for non-volatile local logging if desired.

It comes as a complete kit, everything needed to make installation simple and easy, and with our Setup Wizard you can have your own customised Welcome page and Welcome Email up and running in minutes.
Plug the USB power and the supplied patch lead into your Broadband Router and you are ready to attract more customers with your own free WiFi.

Perfect for providing free public WiFi access in coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, shops, hotels - any small venue.

Designed using high quality IoT technology, the Shadow Lite provides a fully functional Autonomous Public WiFi Hotspot, not only at an astoundingly low initial cost but also with minimal or zero ongoing charges.
Attract happy customers at the same time as protecting your business from Internet misuse.

Works with all smart phones, tablets, laptops and even desktop devices.
Smart Queue Management and Bandwidth Control ensure available bandwidth is fairly distributed between all users.

Prevent neighbours from Leaching your bandwidth with an optional Site Wide Passcode - generate a new code applying to the whole network (all your access points) with a single click.

Discourage "Sit Ins" from using your venue for long periods with the optional Bump And Block function.
Set a time interval within which access is allowed before a forced logout, along with an interval before login is allowed again.

Set Data Quotas Ideal for Internet feeds from ISPs with Data limits, eg 4G/3G mobile networks.
Set a Data Quota with forced logout when exceeded, along with a time interval for that Data quota to apply (eg 300MB in 12 hours).

Define Trusted Devices Allow selected devices to access the Internet without logging in - essential for Internet Radios, Point of Sale (POS) devices (eg Tills), IoT devices, plant monitoring, security systems etc.

Qualcomm Atheros QCA9533 SoC
100Mb/s Ethernet WAN port
Built in 2.4GHz WiFi Radio
Ethernet patch cable
Micro USB Power Cable
USB Expansion port
Automated User Login
Custom Welcome Page
Custom Welcome Email messages
SQM and Bandwidth Control for optimized fair usage.
Mandatory Terms of Service Acceptance
Local and Remote Logging
Fully Autonomous User Blocking and device Blacklisting to prevent misuse
Site Wide Passcode Option
Bump and Block Option
Data Quotas
Trusted Devices
Built in Mesh controller for plug and play coverage extension using BlueWave Meshnodes

Trade prices available for qualifying purchasers.


Shadow Lite Public WiFi Hotspot
Model: Shadow Lite
Price: £66.50
Type: Captive Portal
EAN: 0660042988829
Delivery: Free to UK Postcodes

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