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• The three blue visitors’ moorings in Carrick Castle are owned by the Carrick Castle Boat Club.

• The club’s visitors’ moorings are identified by the three large blue hippo-type buoys, with yellow pickups and are clearly marked - 'VISITORS'.

• Please DO NOT pick up any private moorings in the area. Their capacities may not be available and their condition may be unknown. Members have provided visitors’ moorings to make this action unnecessary.

• At the time of being laid, these visitors’ moorings were considered suitable to be used by vessels of 15 tonne maximum displacement as marked.

• These visitors’ moorings are serviced annually in late spring.

• Visitors’ moorings are available on a first come, first served basis.

• The decision as to whether a particular mooring is suitable for a vessel of a certain size and weight, in different weather conditions, is for the owner/skipper of the vessel to judge.

• By securing a vessel to one of these visitors’ moorings, the vessel’s owner/skipper warrants to the moorings' owners that their vessel carries valid insurance cover for any claims arising out of the use of the said mooring.

• Vessels using these moorings must have third party liability insurance with a minimum value of £3 million.

• These visitors’ moorings are provided as a courtesy to visiting vessels. It is not recommended that vessels are left on visitors’ moorings unattended.

• The owner/skipper of a vessel using a visitors’ mooring will be liable to a charge of £10.00 per day/night. Payment instructions are on red tags on the pick up buoys or when you log on to the Wi-fi.

• The visitors’ moorings may be used for lunch stops only between 11.00 & 14.00 hrs free of charge.

• Short day stopover's fee is £5.00 payable in the box by the steps.

• Wi-Fi Internet access is provided for the use of vessels using the club’s visitors' moorings only.

• All users of the visitors’ moorings do so entirely at their own risk.

• Carrick Castle Boat Club Moorings Association reserve the right, entirely at their discretion, to require visitors to remove their vessels from any of the visitors’ moorings.

• Please be careful on your approach to the moorings, avoiding the shallow water area around the ‘Perch’ Channel Navigation light.

• Please show consideration to other users by not exceeding 4 knots within the anchorage and mooring areas.