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Large Venue Autonomous Gateway
Model:BlueWave Black Box
Type:Captive Portal

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Large Venue Autonomous Gateway
Model:BlueWave Black Box
Type:Captive Portal

BlueWave Blackbox - Large Venue Autonomous WiFi Hotspot Gateway, with Email Login, Terms of Service, Advertising, Welcome Email, Logging of all connections.
Normally dispatched within 7 to 14 days.
Perfect for providing free public WiFi access in coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, shops, hotels, sports venues, camp-sites, marinas - in fact anywhere.
Attract more customers with free WiFi - fully automated login, no access code needed, works with all smart phones, tablets, laptops and even desktop devices.
Connection Based Smart Traffic Management to give optimum performance to each user.
Promote your business to every customer.
Send every customer a welcome message complete with advertising of your choice.
Protect your business from Internet Misuse and comply with government/legal guidance for public WiFi.
Records every device that connects.
Automated Blocking of invalid logins.
Automated Device Blacklisting for persistent offenders.
Manual User Blocking and Device Blacklisting.
Low initial cost with minimal or zero ongoing charges, simply add to an existing broadband connection.
Optional Remote Secure Logging Utility.
Configured to use two Internet feeds if available for load sharing and automatic failover.

Using a fast quad-core AMD processor, 2GB RAM and 16 GB SSD storage, this model is designed for large venues and is capable of supporting many external access points simultaneously.
With the processing power to support large volumes of traffic, this is the perfect choice for venues such as Hotels with multiple floors and many corridors.

This model comes complete with power adaptor, three patch cables, and is ready for connection to one or two existing Internet routers and multiple access points*.
Bandwidth from both Internet routers is automatically shared between users and the Connection Based Smart Traffic Management optimises performance for all users.

* This model does not have a built in WiFi access point.
It is designed to connect to a network of access points in large venues.

This Hotspot Gateway provides Email Login, mandatory Terms of Service agreement and an owner configurable advertising/news Welcome page.

A Welcome email is sent on successful login and includes advertising or news information.
The built-in mini web server allows you to add numerous advertising messages that are chosen at random and emailed to customers on login.

Management and uploading or editing of advertising/news content is simply and easily accomplished from your browser.

Users entering an invalid email address will be automatically blocked from future use of that address.
Persistent offenders will be automatically Blacklisted, banning them entirely from using their device on the system.

Email addresses and devices can be manually blocked or blacklisted at any time if desired.

Designed to simply connect to your Internet routers via ethernet cable, this device is based on Carrier-Grade hardware running our custom firmware.

Large Venue Autonomous Gateway
Model:BlueWave Black Box
Type:Captive Portal

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