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We are Blue Wave Projects and Services, technical specialists in wireless data services.

WiFi Hotspots are our speciality.

An Easy-To-configure, Autonomous Hotspot for as little as £155 with no ongoing charges?

Zero Charges, Zero Effort and Low Cost, simply plug into your existing router.

Promote your business with free advertising and make your customers happy with free WiFi.

For businesses or venues trying to offer a service to their customers, it is no longer enough to just put up a WiFi Access Point with an access code. Your customers will soon gobble up your bandwidth and start complaining. You will have little or no control over who uses it and if someone does something bad, you might be left with proving it was not you, but a customer using your public WiFi.

Customers will come to your venue and expect to be able to read their emails, surf web sites, post to Facebook and Twitter, make voice and video calls, Go Live, call home or the office, the list is endless. With low cost, high speed Internet becoming the norm, all this is not just possible but if not provided will leave customers disappointed and more likely to try your competitors.

Customers will always find restricted access, poor signal, low bandwidth and high charges a frustrating experience.

Some Hotspot Providers will try to convince you that you must invest in a system with time limits, draconian restrictions of use, unavailable web sites, filtered protocols, detailed “big brother” monitoring of everything your customers do and of course, high ongoing running costs. Little, if any, of this is necessary for a business to provide a free, quality, WiFi service for their customers.

The essential questions we asked were:

  • Will my WiFi make my customers happy and promote my business?
  • Will my Wifi keep a record of every device that connects to it (including those who do so without my knowledge)?
  • Will my WiFi automatically block access to anyone abusing my connection yet give free access to all my other customers?
  • Will my WiFi fairly and dynamically distribute available bandwidth between all my customers?
  • Can I simply and cheaply add more bandwidth channels to cope with demand?
  • Can I just buy the system and have no recurring costs other than the Internet feed?

For a while we thought about it and researched the problem. Sure, there is the odd “Hotspot” function to be found on some routers, there are frustratingly expensive "pay as you go" systems, systems controlled and hosted by third parties and others that frankly, just do not do the job at all well. Many are expensive with high ongoing costs. None of them "JUST DO IT"

Until now, that is. As a result of our failed hunt for a product to recommend we ended up designing and building our own.

Perfect for providing free public WiFi access in coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, retail, hotels, sports venues, camp-sites, marinas

 - in fact anywhere.


  • Attract more customers with free, excellent quality WiFi.
  • Fully automated login, no access code needed, looks after itself.
  • Works with all smart phones, tablets, laptops and even desktop devices.
  • Promote your business to every customer.
  • Sends a welcome message complete with advertising of your choice.
  • Log device connections and protect your Business from Internet misuse.
  • Automated and Manual Blocking and Blacklisting.
  • Optional Remote Monitoring.
  • Optimum Quality of Service for each user without excessive bandwidth restrictions.
  • Add a second broadband connection to share between users (available on some models).
  • Low cost with zero ongoing charges, plugs into your existing router.

BlueWave WiFi Hotspots are built into professional carrier grade routers, selected specifically to match the size and layout of your venue type. Months of intensive, high volume testing mean proven reliability and performance.

How Does It Work?

On connecting to the WiFi signal, users are presented with a mobile friendly login page where they are asked to enter some basic information including their email address. This works with all smart phones, tablets, laptops and even desktop devices.

Once they have accepted the Terms of Service they are redirected to an easily configured landing page containing your choice of message and image and are granted free access to the Internet.

They will immediately receive a customised welcome email message, also containing your choice of news and advertising.

Users entering an invalid email address will be automatically Blocked from future use of that address. Repeated blocking will result in automatic Blacklisting of the user's device banning them entirely from using it on the system. Undesirable users can be manually Blocked and their devices manually Blacklisted by you, at any time.

Easy to install and simple to configure these autonomous units are ideal for small, large, indoor or outdoor venues - all using stand alone, high quality, professional, carrier-grade equipment.

All aspects are simply configured using the built-in mini web server. Access logs can be sent automatically to a list of administrators and are archived to a nominated email account.

Optional remote logging is available for secure automated off-site archiving.

All that is required is a power source (mains or low voltage DC) and an Internet feed (ADSL, VDSL, Cable, 3g, 4g etc.).

For small venues, connecting to a private office Internet router is an excellent solution as the Hotspot has its own built-in security firewall. Existing and additional WiFi access points can be added with ease to extend coverage at your venue.

What Does It Cost?


Four standard versions are available with many custom options.

1. BlueWave Hotspot - Indoor Small Venue Gateway.

With built in WiFi, this model is designed for small venues or as a starter system that can be easily extended, indoors or outdoors with an extra Access Point.

Price from £155*

2. BlueWave Hotspot - Multiport Gateway.

With built-in WiFi and four ethernet switch ports, this model is designed for easy expansion to multiple indoor or outdoor Access Points.

Price from £195*

3. BlueWave Hotspot - High Power Gateway.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this model has a high power output and a high gain directional antenna to give extended coverage.

Price from £250*

4. BlueWave Hotspot - Large Venue Gateway.

Using a fast quad-core AMD processor, 2GigaByte RAM and 16 GigaByte SSD storage, this model is designed for large venues and is capable of supporting many external access points simultaneously. In addition to our standard Connection Based Smart Traffic Management, this model comes pre-configured with two Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports for connecting up to two Internet feeds and one Gigabit Ethernet LAN port for uplink to multiple access points. The perfect choice for Hotels with multiple floors and many corridors. This model is also used as the base for many of our custom Hotspot systems.

Price from £410*

* Prices may vary - see our online shop for today's prices and contact us for a free chat about how one of our Hotspots can work for you.


Our system works with any WiFi compatible device; smart phones, tablets, laptops and even desktop computers!

Available in either 12 - 24 volt DC or 100 - 240 volt AC versions, power consumption is  very low, with negligible running costs.

All our Outdoor Hotspots are capable of multi kilometre ranges in line of sight as the systems use high power transmission along with high sensitivity receivers through the high gain lossless antenna with no limit to cable length and no signal loss in the cable.


We are also able to take on consultancy, design and implementation projects. You can trust us to find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to your requirements.

Default Image 2 WiFi Hotspots have up to now been a bit of a hit and miss affair and the experience we personally have had trying to stay online whilst out and about made us determined to find a proper solution that businesses and venues can offer, simply, cheaply and easily, without security worries or ongoing costs. We could not find a good solution so we invented our own!